Massage in nature

Who is Daniela Diaconita?

I am a human being who has always wanted to understand and understand myself. The paths traveled have been many and the discoveries, which still continue, are valuable.

From a very young age I had the inner drive to understand how we function in all aspects of life and what we can do to improve our health and our mood. I began my path studying psychopedagogy and, later, I continued training in dietetics and nutrition, emotional support, bioenergetic electropuncture, reiki, Californian massage, chiromassage and different techniques of Chinese medicine, such as acupuncture, auriculotherapy, cupping, gua sha… and Also, regenerative agriculture.

That is why I like to share everything I have learned and experienced in myself, all those things, thoughts, feelings and experiences that have allowed me to broaden my vision, understand the complex, but wonderful functioning of the human being and place myself in a space of trust. and responsibility.

What I love most is accompanying other people through touch and listening.

At Mas Olivella, I put myself at the service of those who like to receive a personalized massage in which the most important thing is the quality of contact and the ability to create a space of trust and security.

CHIROMASSAGE: A Tribute to Your Body

Chiromassage is a type of massage developed in Spain by Dr. Vicente Lino Ferrándiz García that includes the essence of traditional manual techniques from many cultures, among which Swedish, Turkish and Asian massages stand out. Through the union of this ancestral knowledge, in communion with modern knowledge, a very complete technique is achieved for the treatment, stimulation and relaxation of the body.

As it is a compendium of techniques and knowledge, systematized over the years, it is an excellent alternative for those who suffer from chronic pain. It is also recommended to prevent ailments, especially for those who are exposed to continuous physical exertion.


As dead cells are renewed, the skin will be one of the great beneficiaries, it will be more cared for, shiny and protected.

The circulatory system will improve the amount of blood sent throughout the body, thus ensuring that all organs have the necessary nutrients to work correctly.

The lymphatic system is responsible for removing waste substances, promoting the rest of the body to function naturally.

You will feel in a better state of relaxation thanks to the stimulating effect on the nervous system.

Thanks to the movements that occur, the skeleton will be able to avoid contractures.

Duration 1h

Price: €70

CALIFORNIAN MASSAGE: The Ceremony to Connect with Your Soul

The Californian massage is based on rhythmic and enveloping, fluid and circular movements. Like those of the ocean; slow like the internal rhythm of the body.

The massage is done in silence, with presence, listening and awareness; which are the basis of this massage, paying attention to breathing, thus leading the recipient to a deep state of relaxation. It is based on a moving meditation; a dance between therapist and patient, which brings the recipient to the present moment.

It works on a holistic level, integrating body, mind and soul, which leads to a state of love and peace that makes you feel whole.


Reduces stress and promotes relaxation.

Relieves muscle tension and joint pain.

Relaxes muscle spasms and cramps.

It increases blood circulation, therefore, the amount of oxygen and nutrients that reach the cells.

It helps to stabilize hormones, calming anxiety and depression.

Exercise deep breathing.

Stimulates the senses.

Duration: 1h i 15min

Price: €80

CRANIO-FACIAL MASSAGE: The Pleasure of Relaxing the Muscles of the Face

This massage is performed on the head, face, cervical and shoulders. I use special vegetable oil for the face, with manipulations to loosen the tissues of the head and scalp and stimulate the facial muscles. Customizable massage, depending on the reason for which you come: headaches, migraines and headaches, tension in the cervical area, facial paralysis, or sagging.

Duration: 50 min

Price: €65

MASSAGE FOR CONSTIPATION: To Improve the Functions of Your Organs

Massage aimed at stimulating peristaltic movement. Lack of exercise, stress, poor diet or taking drugs can be the causes of these problems. Through specific techniques we not only mobilize waste, but by increasing the flow of blood and oxygen to the area we also improve the functions of the organs.

Duration: 45 min

Price: €60

RELAXING MASSAGE: Decontracting With Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy sessions begin with an analysis of the emotional state. Based on this analysis, I use the kinesiological test to choose the natural and essential oils that I will use in the relaxing or decontracting body massage.

Duration 1h

Price: €70

This acupuncture session consists of inserting very fine needles at various depths in strategic points on the body.

30min: €40

50min: €50

CUPPING THERAPY: Chinese Fire Cupping
Cupping therapy is a type of natural treatment in which suction cups are used to improve blood circulation in a region of the body. To do this, suction cups create a vacuum effect that sucks the skin, increasing the diameter of the blood vessels in the region.

15min: €25

30min: €45

Gua Sha involves scraping the skin with a massage tool to improve circulation. This ancient Chinese healing technique can offer a unique approach to improving health, addressing issues such as chronic pain. Gua sha is usually performed on a person’s back, buttocks, neck, arms, and legs.

Duration: 15min

Price: €45

AURICULOTHERAPY: Treats the Ailment from the Ear
When the internal organs or body become ill, certain reflex points appear in the ear. These points are manifested by a series of reactions such as pain on palpation. Some physical or emotional imbalances can be treated through auricular points that represent our body.

Helps relieve all types of pain, headaches, sciatica, neck pain, back pain, low back pain, joint pain.

Duration:15 min

Price: €35

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