Shiatsu zen with oier


Interest in health and human potential are part of my life. There was a time, when I was studying at the college of fine arts, where I realized that my incurable and chronic illness (asthma) could be the result of my actions. And that by changing something in my life, I could improve. And I started with food.

With a ‘simple’ change in diet, all the symptoms that had accompanied me for more than a decade disappeared. Since then, I continue in the search for health-vitality, studying and practicing different therapies and shiatsu is a fundamental part of this journey.

I came across shiatsu when I was looking to train in Chinese medicine. They offered me to try a session at the European School of Shiatsu and I went there without knowing much about what it was about. As soon as the session ended, I opened my eyes and felt that I had found much more than what I was initially looking for. I still thank that shiatsu apprentice, who I have not seen since, for showing me from the beginning the regenerative power and depth of a session.

SHIATSU ZEN: Deep Relaxation

More than a simple massage, Shiatsu unites the therapeutic capacity of Chinese medicine with the warmth and connection of touch.
It induces deep relaxation and balances vital energy.

Shiatsu techniques incorporate stretching, mobilization and the application of pressure to various parts of the recipient’s body, to stimulate greater harmony, circulation, flexibility and integrity. Many of the techniques apply to the same system of energy channels and points used in Chinese medicine.

Through these techniques, the therapist and the recipient connect in a natural, simple and respectful way. Allowing deep relaxation and feeling its enormous therapeutic power.


Strengthens the immune system

Increases physical and mental performance

Improves blood and lymphatic circulation

Relieves stress and tension

Increase body awareness

Improves vitality

Balance your posture

Duration 1.30 – 2h