Mas Olivella is built and run on the love and sweat of a global community of conscious volunteers

Our global community of volunteers have transformed Mas Olivella from an idea into a true farm. Each month we host 2 to 3 volunteers from around the world including Italy, Germany, Austria, France, the Netherlands, England, Hungary, Russia, Australia, Argentina, Chile and the United States.

Following the principles of WorkAway, volunteers contribute 5 hours of their time in exchange for room and board. In reality, we exchange so much more from ideas to stories to magic moments on our land. We’re forever grateful to everyone who made a contribution. 

Daily Schedule for Volunteers

9: Meet in kitchen for morning tasks.

9:30: Eat breakfast as a community.

10 -3 Volunteers work together in teams under the guidance of Juan Llopart on Mas Olivella’s agricultural projects which includes our biodynamic garden, green house, and growing fruit tree forest. Volunteers can expect to learn every day from Mas Olivella’s team as well as friends and teachers who come to share their knowledge.

3: Lunch as a community.

4-8: Private time as you choose.

9: Dinner as a community. 

To learn more about availability, reach out via masolivellabcn@gmail.com or via our WorkAway profile here.

Reviews from Previous Volunteers

“I am really grateful for the opportunity of spending a few weeks in this beautiful place, a vegan heaven hidden away among the mountains of Catalonia. It was very enriching to become part of the unique community they are building on the healthy foundations of veganism, biodynamics, and the love of nature. I enjoyed the diversity of perspectives among the members of the community during the time I spent there as well as the interesting discussions we would constantly have. Mas Olivella is definitely a place that naturally encourages introspection, connection with nature, and the healthy sharing of different life approaches.” 

“One of my favorite parts of volunteering was when we would get together almost every night around the fireplace and play guitar, sing and chat together.” 

“The work was physically demanding at times but Juan is a great teacher. He explains now only how but why we do each task, which is very fulfilling! He was so clear about the concepts behind the farming practices and we are so grateful for everything which we learnt.”

“We ate 3 organic, vegan meals together each day which were absolutely delicious as well as healthy. We felt super nourished from the great food, clean air and good vibes!”